Saturday, February 9, 2008

the IRC slang

On IRC often it can capitare of imbattersi in acronyms used in substitution of made phrases, most times in English but not necessarily:

* ircwar - series of actions carried out from malintenzionati with the scope to ruin the tranquillity of the net
* takeover - typical action ofthe ircwar through which a customer takes the control of a channel; impossible to the inside of the network that they implement a management service channels (chanserv);
* nuke - any type of attack in a position to d3connectering a customer from serveur IRC
* ROTFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing ("... I am rolling myself on the pavement from the risate ones")
* RTFM - Read The F * Manual ("goes to read the f to you * manual")
* ASAP - As Soon As Possible ("how much before")
* KING - REturned ("has re-entered")
* BTW - By The Way ("in any case")
* AFAIK - As Far As the Know ("to the best of my knowledge and belief")
* BRB - Be Right Back ("endured return")
* KISS - Keep It Short, Simple! ("it makes it short and simple!")
* LOL - Laughing Out Loud (risata to high voice)
* AFK - Away From keyboard (not to the computer)
* FYI - For Your Information (for your information)
* IMO - In My Opinion ("second me")
* IMHO - In My Humble Opinion ("according to my modest one to seem")
* STFU - Shut The Fuck Up. ("you close the spout")
* BYOB - Bring Your Own Beer. ("door your beer")
* AKA - Also Known As. ("known also like")
* ASL - Age Sex Location. ("Age sex locality")
* LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off. ("I crack myself from the risate ones")
* IRL - In Real Life. ("in the true life")
* {P} - ("Kiss with the language - Used in the Bg slang of mIRC (IRC)")

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